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Family and matrimonial law specialists

"Kind, understanding and professional in my time of need."
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Family and matrimonial law specialists

"Kind, understanding and professional in my time of need."

Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Within the firm, our divorce and family law attorneys offer advice in connection with all areas of family law. We are experienced in handling cases with businesses, farms and trust funds, as well as residential and commercial property. Our solicitors offer pre and post nuptial advice to protect pre-marital assets. Within our Shropshire law firm we also have a specialist children advisor who will be able to assist in areas of dispute concerning children.

Our specialist team includes members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Family Law Accreditation Scheme and the Resolution Accredited Family Law Scheme. Resolution is a national organisation which promotes a conciliatory and constructive approach to resolving conflicts whether or not children are involved.

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What do we do?

We can help you with any family law requirement as a result of a relationship break down or the formation of a new relationship. We are more than a law firm and will not only advise you on the best legal action to take, and see you through that, but we can also direct you to counselling organisations and additional support services where needed.

Separation and divorce

Many people we speak to have not yet firmly made a decision to divorce. During our discussions our solicitors will talk about your options so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you, including taking steps towards reconciliation. However, if the relationship cannot be fixed we can help you to obtain:

  • Informal separation
  • Judicial separation
  • Dissolution of civil partnership
  • Divorce


Our team can play a crucial role in assisting you in guarding the welfare of any children. This may include disputes over where children will live and how often they will have contact with parents and other family members. We can also assist in disputes over parental responsibilities and specific issues such as children leaving the jurisdiction, medical treatment or other issues that you feel affect the welfare of the children involved.

Money and property

We can assist you in reaching a just and cost-effective solution when dividing assets such as property and pensions, and in negotiating child support, maintenance or ‘clean break’ agreements.

We have solicitors who specialise in and have extensive experience of handling complicated, high net worth cases, with expertise in cases where there are business and farming assets.

Domestic violence

Where circumstances necessitate, we can help prevent you being exposed to harassment, violence and financial exploitation whilst in a relationship or following the end of a relationship. We will help arrange non-molestation and occupation orders, injunctions, undertakings, powers of arrest and matrimonial home rights to protect your personal safety and your financial interests. You can apply to a court for an injunction against a live-in partner, spouse or any ‘associated’ persons such as a former partner, spouse or a relative.

Civil partnerships – same sex couples

The Civil Partnership Act of 2004 creates legal and financial rights, responsibilities and obligations between couples similar to those arising from marriage. We can advise you about the impact of entering into a civil partnership.

Premarital/postmarital agreements and pre-civil partnership agreements

These used to be associated solely with wealthy marriages but they are a sensible way to protect your interests in the event of a marriage or civil partnership ending. Recent cases have led the courts to look again at these agreements, and it is almost inevitable that they will be of increasing evidential value in the future in assessing the division of income and assets on divorce or dissolution. We are experts in representing the interests of anyone wishing to take this precaution and have significant experience in working with individuals to negotiate agreements that perfectly fit your requirements.

Why choose us?

When a relationship breaks down, it can be a very difficult time for all those involved. Aside from a wealth of family law experience, what makes us one of Shropshire’s leading law firms is the sympathetic and supportive advice our team can offer at a challenging time.

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