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Firearm licensing

The law relating to firearm possession, use and obtaining a firearm’s license is complex and non-compliance can result in serious sanctions.

Our team of solicitors in Shropshire can assist you in relation to shotgun and firearms certificate applications, appeals in relation to certificate applications and advice on refusals and revocations of firearm certificates. Quite often taking legal advice at an early stage can avoid a firearm’s licence holder having their certificate revoked or not renewed. Negotiations can take place with the police to persuade them against a certain course of action due to illegal firearm possession. Where a Court hearing is required the appeal against a decision of Chief Officer of Police in connection with the ground, refusal, revocation or variation of firearm certificates is to the Crown Court under Section 44 the Firearms Act 1968.

Legal aid is not available for licensing matters but we are able to provide representation on a fixed fee basis .If you are a member of BASC ( British Association of Shooting and Conservation ) your membership may include insurance which can sometimes cover your legal fees.

Firearm offences

A Firearm offence can be very serious and often carry heavy custodial sentences. Some firearm offences carry a statutory minimum of five years imprisonment so it is imperative to ensure that you have the best legal representation available.

Our Shrewsbury solicitors can advise you on all firearm related offences including:

  • Illegal firearm possession
  • Illegal conversion of weapons e.g. shortening a shotgun
  • Imitation firearms and realistic imitation firearms
  • Antiques and deactivated weapons
  • Airguns and other air weapons

If you are arrested you should ask for a solicitor at the earliest opportunity. You have a right to free legal representation at the police station. Please call our emergency out of hours number outside office hours on 07967 054950 or in office hours on (01743) 248545  to directly contact our solicitors in Shropshire.

Advice at the police station is free of charge and will be paid for by the Legal Aid Agency. This does not depend on your financial circumstances.

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