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Our licensing team is headed by Andrew Holland, Partner and solicitor advocate with over 25 years’ experience in licensing applications. Andrew has a wealth of experience in dealing with premises licence applications for a wide variety of clients. We have a working relationship with the local responsible authorities to ensure that your premises licence will be prepared and submitted correctly, in the most efficient timescale possible.

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Understanding Premises Licensing Applications

If you want to serve alcohol for retail sale for consumption on or off your premises, or provide regulated entertainment and/or late-night refreshments then you will need what is known as a premises licence. The sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late-night refreshments are classed as licensable activities. Licensable activities will also include the following: indoor sporting events, film exhibition, boxing or wrestling entertainment, live music, playing of recorded music, and performance of a play or entertainment that is of a similar description to live music and the playing of recorded music and dancing.

Premises licences can be granted for physical buildings or mobile vehicles, such as mobile bars, burger vans or beer tents.

The types of businesses and organisations that need alcohol licences might include pubs and bars, cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, late opening cafes, takeaways or even village and community halls and supermarkets.

Applicants must ensure that they have the correct planning permission in place for their proposed use of the premises for licensable activities.

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