From Mersey to Severn: a lawyer’s journey

News Posted: November 25, 2015

Mary Rose Mulliner of Hatchers Solicitors reflects on her return to private practice after 12 years at Land Registry

A few years ago my view was to the River Mersey. Today I look out to the River Severn. Two rivers but one thing in common – they are the backdrop to the offices where I have worked and continue to work as a lawyer.

Then it was as a Land Registrar for Land Registry, now it is as a solicitor with Hatchers Solicitors in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

I joined Land Registry in 2001 having previously worked in private practice as a commercial property lawyer. The world of private practice I left in 2000 is very different from the one I rejoined this year. The Land Registry I left in 2013 is very different from the one I joined in 2001.

When I joined Land Registry my knowledge of land registration was probably no better than other private practice lawyers. The learning curve was steep – to see the registration process from beginning to end was an eye-opener.

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