Are you fit to drive?

News Posted: March 6, 2015

Today sees the introduction of new procedures and testing to assist in prosecuting people who are unfit to drive because of their use of either illegal or prescription drugs.

A new sort of testing machine, which works on saliva rather than breath, is being rolled out nationwide to assist the Police in detecting drivers with too high a concentration of restricted substances in their bodies.

Anyone whose driving has become impaired because of the use of prohibited drugs or prescription drugs is at risk. The permitted levels set by parliament are proportionately much lower than those set for drink drivers.

A drink driver can avoid prosecution with anything up to 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.  Although the test is a saliva test, a drug driver would be at risk with an equivalent of just over 20 micrograms of prohibited or prescription drugs in their bodies.

Inevitably, this is a new law and there are going to be many battles to be fought. A whole range of defences is likely to be attempted, some with more chance of success than others.

Our solicitors are trained to identify potential issues which may or may not drive us to man successful defences against over enthusiastic prosecutions.  Working with experienced forensic scientists we hope to be able to give clients swift and accurate answers as to their likely chances of retaining their licences.

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